DDII-H-07B Hand Parts Open Goo (Hands (Large Ver.)) / Flesh

DDII-H-07B Hand Parts Open Goo (Hands (Large Ver.)) / Flesh

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A little big ♪ "Hands (Large Ver.)" series!

You who thought, "What are the larger wrist Parts used for?"
Actually thisHands (Large Ver.)When wearing a voluminous Dresses or posing with movementCool & cuteVisibleSize settingIs being done.
Of course, the compatibility is exactly the same as the existing wrist Parts, so you can change it according to your preference ♪

Size: DDS Base Body, DDS Base Body (DD-f3), DD Base Body II, DD Base Body III, DD Base Body (DD-f3), DDdy Base Body, DDdy Base Body III, DDdy Base Body (DD- f3)


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