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SB-SD-224 Shoes

SB-SD-224 Shoes

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Classic button boots are perfect for the coming season.

Product details

Corresponding size
DSD, SD, SDB, SD13, SDGr (movable leg), SD16 (movable leg), DDS, DDSB, DD, DDB, DDdy
  • * Only the items listed in "Set Contents" are included in the product. Model dolls, wigs, shooting accessories, etc. are not included in the product.
  • * The photo is a sample. The contents of the product may be partially changed. note that.
  • * The color of the product may transfer to the doll body. please note.
  • * Depending on the design of the product, it may not fit in the old type body that has been discontinued.
  • * The products are very delicate, such as sewing, so please handle with care.
  • * Depending on the shoe design, it may be difficult for the doll to become independent.